A re you a perfect date?

many people ask: Victoria, what would be your perfect date. so i wondered and i was like idk i mad ethis quiz for the fun of that in the future this would be helpful

Are you perfect so so or a no no? Find out in this date for hate quiz hahahahahahahahahah in just a few you will match and compare your results (wow that sounded boring)

Created by: victoria

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where would you take a girl/boy on a first date?
  2. ok you asked a boy/girl to the prom you will wear or take (her or him) after...
  3. your about to kiss the girl/boy but some one intrudes and s/he leaves do you ask her out again?
  4. your eating infront of your date you remeber to
  5. who is your role model
  6. girl question: what will you never leave the house without on a first date
  7. boy question what would you do to impress/get the/A girl(s)
  8. your best friend is saying dont talk to/date the girl you like would you follow his advice
  9. lets say your borther,sister,or best friend stole yur boy friend(bf)/gf (girlfriend) what would you do?
  10. if ou asnwered all of this what do you wish yur crushes name would ever be

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