would i date you ( guys pls)

so boys! are you wondering- will that pretty girl over there-me- date me? lets find outwho is my perfect date! all love of mine with a song and a whine you're harsh!

And divine like a truth and a lie. Byt the tale ends not here, i have nothing to fear. For my love is yell of forgiving and hold on. In this bright emptiness- in a roo m full of it!

Created by: katy122

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. so, what is an ideal date?
  2. you are
  3. you are
  4. your grades?
  5. do you like harry potter
  6. which is better
  7. how many gf have u had
  8. personality _ black/ white/grey
  9. your favi food
  10. are you a bully
  11. ok bye!!

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