Would I date you? (guys only)

My name is Paige and I'm 16 and looking for a boyfriend. Think you could be the one? Take my quiz to find out! Good luck to anyone who gives this a shot.

(so apparently i have a word count to fill so here is a little more about me: i love the colour purple, music, having fun with guys, and i make a killer batch of cookies)

Created by: Paige

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How tall are you?
  2. What colour eyes do you have?
  3. How old are you (more specifically...)
  4. Which of the following sports do you enjoy playing?
  5. Which of the following do you like best?
  6. How well do you do in school?
  7. Which best describes what you wear?
  8. What sounds best to you?
  9. Your best physical feature is...
  10. Best quality?
  11. Guess my favourite colour!
  12. Guess where I'm from!

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