The type of boy you would date

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Guys are all different but so are girls and if he has a stereo type this is a way to find it and if not he has an unknown perfect personality for you.

Find out your style man. Right here. righr now I could be wrong so take note on thatSo figure out guys. And quiz yourself ;Dthxthxthx take my quiz dude

Created by: Maddi
  1. What is your age?
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  1. In high school what stereotypical boy would u date or u know ... "Hang with"...?
  2. Do you like guys who Your friends can get along with?
  3. Where is your ideal date?
  4. Do looks matter?
  5. Do looks matter?
  6. Is he a keeper ?you have only been dating this guy for 4 months and he wants to marry you say ?
  7. Your friends ex wants to date you...he's kinda cute do you date him?
  8. Do you date the same guy twice ?
  9. This quiz...
  10. Umm can't think of any more so.....

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