would i date you? GUYS ONLY

hi guys. my name is etsub it means special. so, i saw other people doing this so i figured why not and i created this quiz. but only for guys.

that is me on the picture. like i said this quiz is only for guys so girls log otu if you are taking this quuiz and sorry i am straight girls. so sit back relax and have fun.

Created by: flow girl

  1. so hi
  2. so hi
  3. so would you date me? i hope you read the first two paragraphs because they are kind of important.
  4. are you a girl? because if you are you need to log out
  5. i really like blue eyes, what about you?
  6. do you like talking about your self?
  7. do you think i would date you?
  8. so what are you?
  9. do you like me so far?[no pressure]
  10. my name is etsub[it means special] do you like it?
  11. did you have fun?
  12. bye

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