would i date you(girls only)

hopefully on number 12 i get to do all exept nothing. i would protect u even if i die from it. plz leave a comment if u want more and if u like me or my quiz. plz tell me your percentage and thanks for doing this quiz. plz also contact me using comments

ok so oops i ment for the parting to be here ha ha. sorry about that. ok so... im sorry if you dont like my quiz. leave a comment if i should update it. im so glad to here your opinions about my quizes. plz visit my other quiz "arr you sonic exe or tails doll. its a plesure making these quizes for you ladies and gents. im spiderclaws and peace out. :))

Created by: shadow
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you find this annoying! wok wok wok wok wok wok wok wok wok
  2. would i find u funny?no effect what so ever.
  3. on a scale of 1–6 how hot do you think u are?no effect.
  4. how old are u
  5. where would i take u for a date or spend some time together
  6. how do u say bye
  7. do u u think you would be happy with me
  8. do u think we would have a life (as in marriage)
  9. what would u do if another girl hit on me in front of u and i was nervous to act(i wouldent be nervous)
  10. what would u want me to do if a guy treated u badly

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