would i date you...?

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so I'm single, and I don't wanna be. please contact me if you got one of the following answers: 'you're a possibility' or 'friends with benefits' or 'soulmates'... so this is my personal phone number: (757)-450-0435

I hope everyone enjoys this, it took a while to think and make this up as I go, so if you are gonna take this quiz, take note i will think you want to date me :)

Created by: Abigail

  1. how old are you..?
  2. how often do you hurt yourself...? (on accident or on purpose)
  3. what do you feel of your weight ( I don't judge, you aight)
  4. what color hair do you have...?
  5. im into guys AND girls is this okay with you?
  6. memes or music?
  7. how long would we last...?
  8. how often would we talk or facetime/call each other?
  9. are you just taking this quiz to troll me...? :(
  10. how tall are you

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