Would i date you??? (For guys only!)

Would you really be able to steal my heart? The truth is all i want is to actually be loved by someone, who wont cheat on me and who will always stay true!!!!!!!

Oh, btw my name is natarlea i am nearly 13, i have long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes i am 163cm tall and i have a hour glass figure. I am also very athletic and do very well at school. Remember to comment and rate!!!!!!

Created by: guinealover7
  1. How old are you???
  2. Ok r u ready to take this quiz???
  3. Just saying if you are a female please leave now, i am not gay.
  4. Ok fav sport?
  5. Describe Yourself
  6. Fav type of girl
  7. Where would you take me on the first date?
  8. When would we do 'it'?
  9. Who would pay for the first date? (If we go somewhere)
  10. What would we do on our first date???
  11. Comment???
  12. Rate???
  13. Bye!!!

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