Would I date you (female bi :D)

I have created this quiz to find out if I actually have chance with love. Btw, I am not some desperate creep that will give out personal infromation...

Are you compatible with me? Do you have the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects to qualify for such a prestigious title? Until now you could onnnnly wonder, but thank to this lovely quiz, in a few minutes you will find out! (no copyright infringement intended)

Created by: yukitw33ts

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a racist/homophobe?
  2. How many lies have you told?
  3. Do you respect your body?
  4. If you are a guy, how is your hair styled?
  5. If you are a girl, how is your hair styled?
  6. Do you wear makeup?
  7. What music genre do you enjoy?
  8. Are you into scary stuff?
  9. Do you like Slender man?
  10. Do you like Adventure Time?
  11. What's your stereotype?
  12. Are you smart?
  13. Marvel or DC?
  14. Do you like video games?
  15. Pick one:
  16. Do you like animals?
  17. I'm sort of tomboyish, you okay with that?
  18. How tall are you
  19. This is the last question. By the way sorry if you're OCD xD
  20. HAH I LIED!

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