would i date you (girls only)

Do you think yu have what it takes to date me? are you the chosen one or just another female strolling on the street. take the quiz and find out. hope you like it

idk what to type here so.. im a tall dude with brown hair and eyes,great sence of humor,very confident and outgoing. im very popular at school and have alot of friens

Created by: martin
  1. What music do you like?
  2. hair color ? :)
  3. whats your teen stereotype
  4. how tall are you
  5. can you keep up a good conversation going?
  6. describe yourself
  7. best idea of a date
  8. im learning to play the guitar. can you play an instrument?
  9. can you do things yourself?
  10. I`ve got prettty big hair for a boy. Does that bug you?
  11. are you fit and sporty? or fat and lasy?(no offence)
  12. are you girly or tomboy

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