Would I date you?(boys only)

Let's see if you could date me....not that you can your an internet stranger. Also this ia for boys to do only as I as a girl. So girls arnt aloud to do this quiz

I wish you boys the best of luck ti win the heart of a 14 your old so any one over 18 can't do this quiz eather......yup. you old guys just go do sometin else k? Thanks

Created by: CandyCrush14

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. This is to see if I can date you. If you are a girl then please get. Go one shoo.
  2. Religions?
  3. Christian?
  4. Desired job? (Really it dosnt mater but I just have listed some I would love for husband to have.............. not that I would marry you but just for fun.)
  5. Redneck ir something else
  6. Would you cheet on me
  7. I am running out here but....race?
  8. Would you suport a family if we married?
  9. Are you a bad boy?
  10. Bye :)

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