Would I date you (boys only)

Well I'm a brown haired girl im 4'10 tall and i need a boyfriend to support me and love me forever i hope you like this quiz i live in Trinidad Colorado if your ever there call me

Thank you for taking this quiz. Are YOU my type please comment what you look like how old and tall you are. Please also put your number. Thank you for taking this quiz it means alot to me i love you for doing this.

Created by: brunomars
  1. What color are you eyes?
  2. Do care about beuty?
  3. Where would you take me on our first date
  4. would you love me over anyone else (family dosent count)
  5. I would love you 4evs
  6. What color hair do you have
  7. How old are you
  8. Please comment leave your phone#
  9. Bye i will miss you
  10. Thank you

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