Would I date you ? (bisexuals)

There are many ways to fin a soulmate and i decided to ty a different way ! take this quiz too see if I would date you ! and if our relationship would goo good or not :)

Are you BISEXUAL? do you want a GIRLFRIEND ? will it work out for you and ME? Do you wana be my GIRLFRIEND? DO you keep your loved ones a SECRET? Take this quiz to find out if i would date you ,if yes then conatact me :) seriously !

Created by: Diana16

  1. What do you like to do on your free time ?
  2. Do your parents know your bisexual ?
  3. Were do you stay at ?
  4. What is your favorite animal ?
  5. What type of personality do you have ?
  6. Wht do you describe yourself as ?
  7. What would you do if we got together ?
  8. Do you care if people see you with another irl in public ?
  9. If I had to be a secret what would you tell your parents i am ?
  10. Im full mexican :) tall,but not to skinny but not too fat ! im a loving person :) what nationallity re you and describe ?
  11. Would you really date me ?

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