Would I Date You?

I have had an amount of girlfriends, and I want to know if I could date you, or more importantly, if you could date me! Take the quiz so we can both find out.

Could YOU be my girlfriend? Get ready to take this quiz and find out if you could, or if we are better off just friends. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Created by: Whiplash

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you actually date me?
  2. Eye color
  3. Hair color
  4. Do you play sports/are athletic
  5. Do you have good grades
  6. Are you
  7. Dream car
  8. Glasses
  9. Do you like animals
  10. Can you swim
  11. Are you a northerner, Midwestern, South Eastern or Cali Gurl?
  12. Dogs or cats
  13. First date
  14. Would I ask you to prom, or would you ask me?
  15. Would you be ok with me joining the military
  16. Would you truly love me
  17. Are you funny?
  18. Skin color
  19. Left side of the bed or right
  20. Which would you do most
  21. Would I pay for the first three dates?
  22. Comment
  23. Rate
  24. If you get a 90% or more make thread on the Front Porch called Score and wait for me there

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