would i date you???

Hey people okai so, I know I've already made a couple of these before, but I've changed a bit personality wise since then, I know lol. It's weird. Get over it

Info: I'm Lexi, for those of you who don't know me. I just turned seventeen on June 19th, and I'm lucky enough to share a birthday with Garfield. I'm part Italian, and have a major soft spot for kitties, and I love anything artsy or musical. I'm typically known as the bad girl, but I can be sweet and romantic too.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Okai, first question. Can you handle long distant relationships??
  2. Do you like serious girls or ones who are funny?
  3. Okai, so, I am very passionate about art and anything musical. ( singing and I can play the violin, guitar, drums and piano.) would you support my hobbies or no.
  4. Now, when dating someone, what matters most to you : looks or personality?
  5. Favorite book series?
  6. Personality wise, how would you be described?
  7. Would you cheat on me??? Be honest
  8. Favorite singer?
  9. I'm easily hurt and have the tendency to be get majorly depressed. Would you try to cheer me up or would you be one of those people who wouldn't notice when I'm hurt
  10. Okai, last one. Do you like cats? Yes, this is VERY important to me

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