The night when I changed...1

This quiz is about a girl called Bell she is telling you her story! Of her life before she changed! But she dose not know who changed her!! All she know is

That their was 3 boys with her but witch one changed her?? And who is after her!! You might be thinking vampires But you are Verry wrong!!! So what are they and who is after her?

Created by: singin234

  1. The night when I changed. I dont like to think of it! 3 boy were with me! I don't know what their names are...any more. Or what they look like. But I know that they loved me! But why did they change me?
  2. I don't know. Anyway I am in high school . The school called Down under. Weird name hey? My best friend are Beth and Link. I am tall than them...just. I live with humans. I can live with them. It's just they don't know I have changed! And not for the better!
  3. BEEP BEEP the sound of my alarm clock going off. "5 more mins..." I mumble. Suddley i get up in a rush and get dressed and ready for Boring school. But today it is not going to be boring because it's the football teams 1st mach! And I don't have too do history!
  4. I go down to see my Mother (or so I thought) " Hi honey!" she said chreefuly " Hi" I muttered back. My big Brother laughed " What's with the muttering? Don't you know? We are going to meet the new jock! I hope he isn't better than me!" He makes himself laugh! He's the caption of the football team. Best player of all!
  5. I just rolled my eyes. Ryan is also the BIGGEST show off of all too! SHREECH it was the sound of the bus pulling up at the side walk. "BYE" Me and Ryan called as we hoped on the bus. "Have a great day" Our mother called after us.I hoped on the Bus and looked around for a seat0. I like to alone! Sometimes i sit with Beth! But she likes to sit next to Link. Or Emma. Emma is one of the nicest girls at school. She seam to like us (Me Link and Beth) Not like the other girls like us (Me and Beth) They called us LOSERS! But i dont mind...well not like Beth minds. Last year she kicked Amy and Kate! Amy and Kate are the richest and coolest girls in school! And its just because they are rich!! Some people are just Losers! Some people are rich and cool...But they are nice!! Not like Kate and Amy at all!! SHCREECH the Bus pulled up at a house. that i have never seen before.
  6. A boy with Black hair and blood red eyes hoped on. I think to myself to bus if Full were is he going to sit? On the floor? Oh No the only seat left is right...Next to me! He walk over and sat down. He looked mean. I looked over at Amy and Kate. They had a big smile on their faces! I thought i ought to tell the boy my name. How bad can he be? "Hi I am Bell!" I make sure I smiled when I said Bell. "Collin. Now dont talk to me" And with that Collin hoped off the Bus.
  7. Emma And I walked of the bus togeter. She was smileing. as alway. "Dont you get tired of smileing" I asked Emma. She looked at me like i am carzy! "i used too. But not any more!" She replied back to me. Suddley someone yelled out "BELL WAIT UP!" i TUNED AROUND TO SEE BETH. Emma said Bye and went to some of her other friends. "Bell come on get runing to football!" Beth hissed "But you just told me to wait!!" I yelled "Oh well forget that!! Come on lets go!! HURRY" I went with Beth. We got 5 row seats. Thats not bad out of 10 right! Well it is for Beth she is going on about how its my fult we did not get fist row! Oh well! "I want to meet the new football player!" Beth said Link showed up and sat on the other side of me. "Well Beth..."He stared to say when i hissed "SHH the game is about to start" They Shh we had been waiting for this day for 5 WEEKS! The game went on the new player is called Jake he has Blond hair and ocean blue eyes! Not like i was looking or anything! BETH WAS NOT ME! Mabey a little.
  8. The game was almost over 1 more play off. when suddley a football came flying My way. I went to duck but i was too late! When i went to duck it hit my head! It was the hardest football i had ever fealt!! It was so hard that i passed out! I woke up to see Jake and Ryan. Siting on chairs waiting for me. Ryan look at me and a smile was on his face "Hey Bell, Your up! Do you know what happened?" Jake look at me too! He did have ocean Blue eyes. "Yes...I know! Just who hit me?" I mumbled. Jake talked this time "We dont know? Its was not our footie" I started to get up. Ryan has gone back to class. I walked a few stepts when i fell over Jake help me so i didnt fall down. "You Ok?" He asked. I noded. And went to class. After that class and that class it was normal. RING RING it was the bell for lunch.
  9. I went and got my luch and sat down at a table with no one on it! Untill a guy came up. He had brown hair that coved his eyes. "Hi your Bell...right? Can i plz sit here?" I THINK for 1 sec "Ok. and how do you know my name?" He just Laughed "You got hit in the head by a football! Oh i am Taylor by the way" I start to feal dumb for asking that! "Oh right. Well its nice to meet you...Taylor" I say trying to sound happy. He Must of know that it wasnt happy because he gave me a weird look.
  10. "WHAT" I yell? "nothing...your just so pretty!" He say with a smile. I feal myself turn red. When suddley the door bust open and someone yell "I AM LOOKING FOR BELL" And i am the only bell in the school!

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