how much of a grease fan are you?

Are you a true fan? a fan at all? have you ever even seen the greastest movie in the whole wide world!!!!???!?!? this movie has changed my life in so many ways. if you are true blue as me then it has changed you too and at the end you can be called friend.

Do you think that you have paid attention? maybe you know your probably dont though... lets find out! take this quiz and i will decide if you are my next target....worthy of living means that your a fan! ARE YOU?????

Created by: Jessica Smith

  1. In grease 2 how is Michael connected to Grease 1
  2. What is the first song of Grease 2 ?
  3. In the song "girl for all seasons" what season is sharon sing in?
  4. Frenchie dropped out of school in the first grease why does she come back in the 2nd grease?
  5. Complete this statement and who said it "Oh, forget it i walked into a____"
  6. whose nicknames were woodchuck and upchuck?
  7. where was stephanie and michaels first kiss?
  8. heres a funny one....."whos THAT GUY?"
  9. Finish this verse from a song "the parts of flower are so constructive that very very often...."
  10. who does miss mason have a crush on? who substitutes for Mr. Spears
  11. what couple are in a bomb shelter during the "war".

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Quiz topic: How much of a grease fan am I?