How well do you know Grease?

"So we can't all be awesome and get a one hundred percent on this quiz. I mean once you know all the words you are good." Basically you can prepare yourself now, if you haven't seen this movie like 20 times, you are going to do bad.

Are you totally awesome? If you have seen Grease like 100 times, than you quite obviously are. No one will ever know though unless you take this quiz right now and then you can tell people just how awesome you are.

Created by: Jessica and Janey
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  1. What are the names of the Pink Ladies?
  2. Where does the opening scene take place?
  3. What TV show are they taping at the school dance?
  4. Who has sex in a car?
  5. What is Danny's last name?
  6. What color is the flying car at the end of the movie?
  7. What is a hickie from Kinickie like?
  8. Who does Rizzo and Marty go to the dance with?
  9. Who does the decorating at the dance?
  10. What band performs at the dance?
  11. How flipping sweet was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Grease?