Go Grease! how well do u know it?

Have you ever said "Hey..My favorite movie is Grease." Well if you are one of those people than come on and take my wonderific trivia game. full of wonderific questions....bla bla bla

This quiz has questions that no one pays attention to in the movie...do YOU pay attention? if you dont watch the movie VERRY closely and THEN take my quizz.....bla bla bla !@#$%

Created by: kiva
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  1. What is the name of the High School?
  2. Who is Sandy talking to at the beginning of the movie?
  3. What color dress is Sandy wearing at on the first day of school?
  4. What are the High School's colors?
  5. what color is Grease Lightning?
  6. True or False: Sandy smokes and drinks.
  7. which sport is Danny good at?
  8. Where is the BIG RACE held?
  9. What famous tv show is airing at the High School?
  10. Are you most likely to take this quiz again?

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