How Well Do You Know Grease?

We've all seen it, that awesome musical from the 70s, Grease. But how WELL do you know it? You could surprise yourself with how much you remember by taking this quiz!!

How well do YOU know Grease? Do you know who said what? Who played who? What year it was made? Who were all the T-Birds? Take this quiz to find out how much you know...

Created by: Bethany
  1. What year was Grease made?
  2. Which of these people did not appear in Grease?
  3. Which of these are all the T-Birds?
  4. Who was a cheerleader?
  5. Who was nominated for Vice-President of Rydell High?
  6. Who raced Kenicke's car at Thunder Road?
  7. Which of these is correct?
  8. How did Frenchy get her nickname?
  9. What is Rizzo's first name?
  10. Who is the principal at Rydell High?
  11. What is Rydell High's mascot?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Grease?