Wild and dangerous

So this is about you. You have brown hair! Sorry if you don't have brown hair. Well you meet three guys and their tiny dragons that can grow if they want.

Also we meet jakes mother and Jake's sister May. They all live together with their dragons. Jake's is Den. May's is Crystal. DRAKE'S is Fire. Collins is Darkness and yours is Shimmer

Created by: singin234
  1. A cold wet something was on my forehead. I had my eyes closed, thinking about yesterday. I remember the wind was hash and strong. I was running after a little dragon thing. The wind almost made me flyaway, as it had made it hard to stand. The little Dargon was a dark blue and it's eyes were dark blue as well. I feel the cold washer, I think it's a washer. I feel it leave my head. I open my eyes slowly and sit up in a rush. "ow" I said almost instantly. My head stared throbbing with pain. Then I turned my head to see the Little dragon. She or he stared at me, with it's tail it pushed a cup of water close to me. Also it pushed some stuff for my head. I took the water and the pill, my eyes not leaving the strange thing. I took sip out of the cup. The water was pure and cold. I chucked the stuff into my mouth and swallowed it with the water. I put the cup down half full "Thank you, but I have to go now" I stood up a bit wobbly and when I stared to walk I tripped. I looked down on what I tripped on, the little dragon smiled weakly at me. If dragons can smile. I have only found out that magic was real a year ago. When it was my fathers last words. "Why don't you want me to leave," I asked it kindly. It just garbbed hold of my leg. It made puppy dog eyes, is that possible for a dragon? "I guess I can stay for awhile. It's getting late outside as well," I told it by looking out the window. The sun was setting and it made an orange, yellow, pink and purple color. "Isnt beautiful" I asked the dragon, picking it up. It nodded, it must understand me. I put it back down on the ground and sat in front of it. "Do you have a name" I asked it. It shook it's head sadly. "What about Shimmer" The dragon nodded. Shimmer was it's name (I hope I spelt Shimmer right)
  2. We were in a barn, how did we get to someone's farm? I put my head down on the ground and closed my eyes. Shimmer was next to me.I guessing Shimmer is a girl. I felt tried and broken. Like something had smashed me into tiny little bits. I slowly went to sleep. **wake** Something stared little my leg. I guess it was Shimmers tail. "just five for minutes" I mumbled to her. She hit harder "Okay" I said opening my eyes. Shimmer came up into my lap, as I sat up. My feet started to ach, my head started to throbbing and I could still feel Shimmer wacking my leg, though she is not doing it anymore. My eyes landed on a little girl and a guy. The girl had long blond hair, with rosey cheeks and dark green eyes. She looked about six and she was wearing a long pink dress. Also she was hugging a Teddy bear. Then I turned to the guy, that must be her brother. He had blond hair and sparking blue eyes. He wore faded blue jeans, a dark blue t-shirt and shoes, unlike the little girl. To them I must of looked like a mess and the little girl garbbed Shimmer. "What a pretty girl Dargon you have, what's her name" The girl asked, giving her Teddy to the guy. "It's not mine and it's name is Shimmer" The girl looked at mr weirdly after I told her. She put Shimmer down and grabbed her Teddy. "Whos is it then, you not allowed to steal other people's dragons" She told me standing back alittle. "I didnt steal it. I ran after it, it was running away from something. It didn't have a name so I named it" I told her. She smiled and stood closer "You named it, it's yours" Then guy just stared at me. Like he was thinking very deeply. "Let's get you cleaned up" He said with a small smile. We walked to the house with Shimmer in my arms. When the guy opened the door. I saw the house had little dragons around. We walked into the kicten, where some guys were laughing. Also with an old women. She looked 48. "Tgey stoped laughing and looked at us, well me and Shimmer. I felt hot and nervous, I rubbed my fingers together. I do that when I am nervous
  3. "Who is this, Jake" The lady asked the guy I was with. "I am ____. I really don't know how I got here. I was woke in the barn" I answered for him. Shimmer sat on my shoulder. The little girl garbbed my hand "Look at the pretty dragon she found" The little girl said looking up at Shimmer. "It is amazing and rare" A voice said behind me. It was guys voice and I slowly turned around to see a guy with black hair and brown eyes. "I am Collin, the little girl you go there is called May" I looked down at May who was still. Holding my hand. "I am Drake" Said another guys voice. I turned back around to see a guy wearing black jeans, a dark grey t-shirt, black shoes and a black leather jacket. He shook my hand and then a dark red dragon hoped on his shoulder. It had black eyes "This is Fire, don't worry he dose not bite" Fire studied me for a moement and then looked back at Drake. Another crystal white blueish dragon sat on May's feet. May put her Teddy down on the table and picked the dragon up "This is Crystal" Crystal had light blue eyes. Crystal smiled at Shimmer and Shimmer smiled back. Then a little dragon ran right under me to Chris. I Looked at Chris's dragon. It was black with dark red eyes "This is Darkness. Stay away from him, he is dangerous" Chris told me. I looked into Darkness's eyes. He stared back into mine. Then a green dragon with grey eyes hoped on Jakes shoulder "Oh this is Den. He loves to play ticks on people"
  4. "They are based on what we are like" The lady said. "Crystal is pure like May. Den loves to joke like Jake. Fire is strong and trickly like Drake. Drakness is dangerous like Collin" (me: I know I said Chris before, I dost mean to type that) I looked at Collin and Drakness. Shimmer and Cryatal sat oh the table with Fire. Den flew over as well. It went Fire, Shimmer, Den and then Cryatal. Drakness came over and pushed Den over and stood in the middle. "He likes to be in charge" Collin muttered "oh" I said looking at them
  5. Darkness stared at me again, maybe wondering if I am good of not. "Let's get you cleaned up" The lady said grabbing my hand, "come on Crystal" The lady said grabbing her hand as well. We rushed to a spare room. "have a long bath with these," she said handing soap to me. Shimmer sat on my shoulder. "Get dressed into these" The lady handed me a dress and other stuff. "here is the towel, put your stuff in that basket" Then the lady handed me a towel and left with Cryatal. **skip a tiny bit* I sat in the bath, pulling the bubbles close to me. Shimmer was in a tub having a bath of her own. "Why did you bring me here Shimmer" I asked her. She looked away and hoped onto my knee. In my mind she said "I don't know, I went with my heart. I found you, my master, my friend. It was after you named me, I became like you and you would go with your heart" I smiled at Shimmer. SHe smiled at me back "thank you" I whispered to her. -your welcome- she thought to me
  6. Shimmer got off my knee. I steped out of the bath. I grabed my towel and then my head stared to ach. I couldn't see really, everything that lines on it. Bright, blue, green, pink and other colors. Everything slowly started coming back onto view and me head hurt more as it did. The dizziness I was having went away as well. I looked at Shimmer, she got me the dress. I put in on. It was a blue dress, I put my brown hair in a ponytail after I dryed it. I wore black slip on shoes and Shimmer sat on my shoulder and we walked down stairs
  7. They were eating lunch. I hadn't eaten anything in three days. I am weak though. The lady handed me pancakes with butter. I sat down, everyone's eyes didn't leave me. Darkness's eyes never did. I ate my pancake happily and then asked. "I better get going, thanks" Drake grabbed me hand "You can't go" He told me. "Why not" I snapped looking at Shimmer. "Why not" I asked again but softer. May walked up to me "You are staying here now yay" May pulled me up to her room. Cryatal and Shimmer were close behind. "Let's play tea party" May told me. -Oh great- I thought to Shimmer who laughed. -I know but how bad can it be-
  8. *A little later* Shimmer is dressed up in a little girly hat. While I am talking to a stuffed doll. -your right Shimmer, how bad can it be- I joke in a bad tone. -Yeah- Shimmer said back. Crystal was just Siting there looking pretty. May went to take a sip of her drink and she screamed "Den" I looked at the water. It was red, like blood. I made me feel light headed, "I don't think Den did it" I said falling onto the ground. Knocked out.
  9. *Shimmers POV* ___ fell to the ground. I looked in her cup, it was red. It was almost like blood. Den flew in. "Did you do this" May asked him. She showed him the cup and he backed away in fear. "What dose it do" May asked him, looking into the cup. I flew down to ___ and rested he foot on her arm. She was alive but hardly. Den ran down to get the others, I guess. They came back and looked at ___. Darkness ran over to me and looked at her. I looked at the cup the was spilled. Collin walked over "Quick, we have to save her before..." "Before what" May asked "she dies"
  10. *back to you* -Dream- I walk in the garden. Darkness is on Collins shoulder as I walk up to him. "Hey" I say, he ingores me. He walks right past me to another girl. She long black hair and red eyes. "Hey Collin" she kisses him. He smiles "Hello" He kisses her again. What's going on. Then I see the girl pull out a knife. She stabbed Collin. "The way to kill a dragon, is the kill it's owner first. I won't make that mistake again" The girl walks away, leaving Collin to die. Then I come to life in this dream, "Collin" I said running to him. "who are you" he asked me. I somehow healed him "I am from the future" I told him and ran away. Collin sat up and watched me go, a I ran away he yelled "Do I love you" I stopped in my tracks and looked at Darkness "I don't know but you won't remember this" Then I woke up to see....

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