Would I date you


Flirting= Nope b---- I'm hard to get I dont like flirty or playful boys I like killers expect Jeff the killer Jeff the killer hurt my friend CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE HIM HURTING MY FRIEND!?

Created by: My_Wolves

  1. Just get to the quiz -.-
  2. What do you order
  3. Do you like me quizzes?
  4. Im to lazy to change the other question I meant my quizzes not me
  5. Can you become a wolf
  6. Would you be able to live with V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E?
  7. Do you like Roblox
  8. Do you like sonic
  9. If you get the maybe result dont flirt with me or your new result will be hell no I'm hard to get
  10. Would you kill Sam for me?

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