Would I date you??? :0

ring up the rope, coveralls, masking tape, and cable ties at the till. "That will be forty-three dollars, please." I glance up at Grey, and I wish I hadn't. He's watching me closely, his gray eyes intense and smoky. It's unnerving. "Would you like a bag?" I ask as I take his credit card. "Please, Anastasia." His tongue caresses my name, and my heart once again is frantic. I can hardly breathe. Hurriedly, I place his purchases in a plastic carrier. "You'll call me if you want me to do the photo shoot?" He's all busines

The goldin winning prise is me of course dont be shy be shy give it a try hold on teght its gonna be a humpy wumpppy ridee... wavey baby!! Okay take it now please

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. spanch?
  2. MOST important.. do you like the act of dogging?
  3. waht isyour favorutie foods
  4. tbh whats ur fav coulour
  5. favourite 'wizerd of oz?' charcter
  6. Flavuor.. ?
  7. favorite race?
  8. I liek tesco BUT the true question is... your supermarket? of choice
  9. Favourite poet of this generation, or the last?
  10. FINAL ly but its good... last but not the least of the questions... am i 'hert' (hot) (haha) (i hert myself todai)?

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