Would I date u?

This is an anybody quiz. It's for Boys and Girls. Please ANSWER EVERY QUESTION EXCEPT #1. I hope u read question very carefully I wish the best of luck to u. Thank You Very Much;)

Even if u r Bi, Lebien, Gay and so on I really don't mind. As long as u are kind and caring; I treat u just like a normal person. If u really want a relationship I try at it. I am not afraid of wat other people think of me.

Created by: Belieber4666

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. (Their how old r u ? i don't use) So how old r u?
  2. What is ur fave type of music
  3. Okay this is how i look. I have blue eyes(I wear classes).I'm 5ft. 3-5in. I have brown mixed with red type hair; my hair is about ear/shoulder leight. My hair is also wavy/straight. I currently have braces on my teeth; but they will come off at some point. How do I look to u on a scale from 1-10
  4. Wat is ur sexuality?
  5. Do u live in or around Wooster, Ohio if yes wear?
  6. What is ur hobby
  7. What is ur favorite color
  8. Where would u take me on our first date
  9. How far would u go on a date a my/ur house
  10. Bye ;)

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