World of Warcraft : Wotlk : Addiction

Let's see. Do you play WoW? Do you want to see how addicted you are? Well than, if you have the latest expansion pack! Take this quiz! It combines both Wotlk and vanilla WoW and gives you an accurate score on your addiction!

Do you know what WoW is? If so, take this addiction quiz! Figure out how addicted you really are and see if you need to take action on your addiction!

Created by: Josh
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  1. Which instance is the Lich king found in?
  2. What is the name of the upcoming expansion pack (After WOTLK)
  3. In the wrath of the lich king expansion pack, which new class was added.
  4. What does this stand for? LF2M DPS VoA
  5. Who is the king of stormwind?
  6. What do you do when you get home from work/school?
  7. Did you ever do the older version of onyxia?
  8. Which zone is Coldarra located in?
  9. How many achievement points do you have?
  10. Which is the hardest instance?

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