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  • words of wisdom
    Your Result: Ok.

    Hopefully this quuiz of light wisdom helps you somehow. I wish he best for you in the future may you keep strong and fight hard for it is not easy to do

  • Cool quiz....... is it me.... or...... does nobody go on here for quizzes.... it seems that all anybody does anymore is go on the forums... and post rather than be on here for it's soul purpouse: Quizzes.

    After all it is called GoToQUIZ for a f---ing reason. Not GoToForum. *sigh* internet is stupid. wth do people come here if they're just gonna end up leaving. everybody does at one piont in their life. Okay, well, thx for the quiz. *walks out*

  • Fallow ur heart but take ur brain with you

  • cool quiz cocoa....


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