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This quiz is something to try to help people out in some 21st by spreading light truth upon them in a way in which is understandable and comprehensible.

Hopefully this quiz will come to help you in your life some way and if so it is good that it did for its why I made it. Male sense? Thank you Be rnjoy

Created by: Rex

  1. I'm this im going to put things that may help you someday in your life.
  2. Remember, its your story and your decisions. Don't let others control it for you
  3. Listen to your heart, utll light the way to happiness.
  4. Think before you act. Consider the consequences to come from each possibility.
  5. Remember, be who you are not as they want you to be.
  6. Believe in yourself for it is necessary to succeed in most cases.
  7. Where the light shined brightest is not always the best
  8. No one is perfect we all have flaws somewhere somehow.
  9. That's all For now.
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