does everyone hate you?

You might have wondered if people hate you this us a small quiz to see if your predictions were right it might not be completely true but its good to hear some words of wisdom

Are you hated by everyone? Dont think so, but take this quiz to just find out it doesnt hurt to play does it it might not be true so dont get upset ok

Created by: emily
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are the only one who was not invited to the party on saturday how do you feel
  2. Your flinging pencils and everyone is giving you an evil glare what do you do
  3. What are you thinking
  4. No jokes this is important who do you fancy
  5. Your friend_)♥ has had an accident everyone is laughing what do you do
  6. What is your favourite modern word
  7. Umm sorry everyone I ran out of ideas could you help me( this question isint important)
  8. Right ummm...pick your choice
  9. Which on
  10. Some of it was nonsence but what do you think you got

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