DO i hate you or no??

Many people are hated and loved by me...........then there are those that are in between will I love you and wanna be your friend or hate you? ( I enjoy cats)

are you hated by me?? Do you have the personality to be hated by me...........who knows well you in a few minutes you will find out if your worthy of muah....

Created by: Jannet

  1. what type of shows do you watch???
  2. what type of person do people see you as?
  3. Would you go cliff diving (be honest)
  4. Do you like animals or kids??
  5. How many friends do you have (plzz be honest)
  6. What do you like dressing in?
  7. if a ugly kid was alone at the playground would you befriend him or her? (be honest)
  8. what do you wanna be when your older?
  9. do you make jokes about death??
  10. Do you like movies??
  11. Do you like starbucks??

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