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  • Whoa I got Ozai... I mean, let's be honest he is pretty sexy but.. can you imagine him on a date? That might be the freakiest date of your life... Oh and please spell out coherent words and sentences next time :)

    Ozai, you get the Jachpot baby. The mighty Firelord are ur date. Is this a good Date? Of courses hes the Firelord but dont forget he fight with his own Son.

  • You date 77% him

    Zuko, oh yeah you date the Prince. So bashful to Girls but kind of Cute. Be careful with his Family. At the End u end as a personal "girl" from his father. But Zuko will come and rescue you.

    Oh yeah...like i didn't know that was coming...

  • You need to make your "wrds" into "words" so people can understand them. Other than that I got Prince Zukko so YAY! Oh and nice quiz.

  • Wow we all got the prince .


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