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  • this was gay

    Blackrosewolf Aug 22 '09, 7:01PM
  • Ninetendo are awsome I got WII

    Roxy101 Dec 22 '08, 11:46AM
  • Thanks for taking the quiz! Here are my othere quizes if you want to check them out http://www.gotoquiz .com/are_you_cool_o r_nerdy and http://www.gotoquiz .com/are_you_a_rock er_or_a_rapper

    MC2010 Dec 3 '08, 6:21PM
  • Gamecube FTW

    ltlbabeangel Dec 3 '08, 6:08PM
  • gamecube! i love nintendo!

    misskiss Dec 2 '08, 11:45PM

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