Witch victorious caracter are you?

Girls only. Theres only resilts for girls so... Anyways this quiz is to see witch one out of tory jade and cat are you :) :( ;) :D XD :p ;o O.o

Will you get cat? The sweet and dum red head. or will you get jade the mean gothic one. And last but not least will you get tory the future to be popstar take my quiz to find out.

Created by: Lolallday

  1. What would u rather be?
  2. Out of these foods is your favorate?
  3. What are you obsessed with out of these?
  4. Pick a guy from victorious...
  5. Pick a song sung by the girls on victorious?
  6. Who do u think makes a cuter copple?
  7. How do you usualy say "hi"?
  8. pick one...
  9. Witch hair style do you like more?
  10. How do you usually feel?

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Quiz topic: Witch victorious caracter am I?