Wings OF Fire: Which Animus Are You.

Are you an animus dragon. Yes? Find out who you are most like. Would you use your gifts for good or for evil. For life or for death. Find out with this awesome new quiz.

You could be The infamous Darkstalker, the legendary Albatross, or the heroic fathom who rescued all icewings as we know it from peril and death. This quiz will tell you. Enjoy.

Created by: EmmaL1nd
  1. If you had powers would you use them for good or evil.
  2. If someone you loved used their powers for bad thing would you kill them.
  3. Which tribe did you receive in my other quiz?
  4. Do you want animus powers?
  5. Would you create a talisman to store your powers.
  6. What would you use your powers for?
  7. What were your results on my other quiz: are you related to darkstalker.
  8. Volcano eruption or hurricane CAT 5. Which is worse.
  9. Think about what you favorite color is. Is it dark or light.
  10. If you were forbidden to use you powers would you use the anyways.

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Quiz topic: Wings OF Fire: Which Animus am I.