Are You An Animus?

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Have you always wanted to know if you're an animus dragon? Well hear is the quiz for you!!! If you love wings of fire and have always wondered if you would be an animus then choose this quiz!

This quiz will tell you if you are an animus dragon, please choose honestly so you can get accurate results. If you don't get the answer you like you can always redo the quiz.

Created by: Susan Moore
  1. What is the first thing you would enchant?
  2. If you saw two dragons fighting what would you do?
  3. You go to sleep but what your sleeping on is uncomfortable you...
  4. You find a dragonet that has a broken wing, you...
  5. The owner of the scorpion den will sell the town to you for all of your magic, you.
  6. You wander into the sky kingdom and meet Queen Ruby, you.
  7. What tribe are you (if you don't know hear is a link) [no urls]
  8. Albatross is back and he wants revenge you...
  9. Ex-Queen Scarlet wants to kill the dragonets of destiny, you...
  10. If you found out that you are an animus what would be the SECOND thing you enchanted.
  11. And what is your favorite gem stone.

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