What powers would you have in wings of fire

This quiz is going to help you know what powers you will have. you could get Mind reading, Animus, Future Telling, Fire scales, Prophy, and well Normal, The quiz is easy and not very complicated. have fun

for example i got mind reading and animus. me and my friend used it for are RP we were planing. Visit my Youtube channel /WolfDragon Animations/ have a good day!

Created by: Animater wolfdragon
  1. What type of wings of fire character are you?
  2. What is your favorite female wings of fire character
  3. Whats your favorite male wings of fire character
  4. What element would you want to have
  5. What is your FAVORITE book (//Mines book 6)
  6. Whats your favorite wings of fire arc
  7. whats your favorite colour
  8. What is your favorite type of wing of fire dragon
  9. what is your favorite animal
  10. Did you like this quizz

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