Are you an animus?

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Are you a Wings of fire fan? Have you ever wondered if you were an animus? Have you always wanted to find out. If so than take this quiz and find out!!!

If you want to take this quiz it will tell you if you are an animus or not. There is not an in between. So are you ready to take this quiz or not. Come on!

Created by: Hgygu
  1. If your an animus what would you enchant first?
  2. Want are your personality traits?
  3. Would your friends trust you enough to give you unlimited power?
  4. What is the next question the one that every quiz has?
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. What tribe are you from?
  7. What would you use your power for
  8. Do you want to be an animus?
  9. You can challenge your mother for the throne but you would need to kill her. Would you challenge her?
  10. Do you like wings of fire?

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Quiz topic: Am I an animus?