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You want to quiz yourself on Wings of Fire? Well right here are basic questions fans like you and me get asked. There are only a few people including me who can go even harder on Wings of Fire quizzes. Join us if YOU want to be the best!

Are YOU smart on Dragons? Can you beat only the simplest of teats? I have beaten this one and HARDER ones! You can beat this one and harder ones if you know Dragons and Wings of Fire.

Created by: Ashely
  1. Is Queen Scarlet really dead?
  2. Who has a crush on Sunny?
  3. Who is the new Sandwing Queen?
  4. Who is the Nightwings Queen? (old)
  5. Who is killing Coral's daughters?
  6. Name three Icewing names mentioned in book six.
  7. What dragon was the mother of Peril?
  8. Which power is real?
  9. Name two dragons who got injured between book 4-6.
  10. If Glory never "killed" Queen Scarlet, what would happen?

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