Starry Story: Wings Of Fire Legend

Wings of Fire boys and girls, fly here, the show's about to start! Hush, it's just a talent show, but I hear there's a nice quiz in it! Come one, come all!

Maybe you'll see a ring of fire molded to look like Clay, or water forming Tsunami, or flowers making Glory, maybe even dragons singing 'Oh, Sunny, You Can Do Better Than Starflight!' the new one! Just right ahead!

Created by: Starlet
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  1. You are born as a fill-in prophecy dragonet for
  2. Finally, you actually get to meet the dragonets. You think ___ is so ____!
  3. You get to travel with the dragonets! AWESOME how do you react?
  4. You're starting to like ___. Maybe if you asked, they'd go to ___ with you!
  5. You overhear a bit of Morrowseer's conversation near camp. What does he say that you catch?
  6. You see the other dragon he's talking to. Queen Scarlet of the SkyWings! You immediately tell
  7. Turns out Scarlet wasn't Scarlet, and just Peril. And you find out the rest of the conversation; you're going to the ____!
  8. Your parents are meeting you at your destination! Who are they, and what is their rank?
  9. ____ likes you! How do you react?
  10. You've helped end the war and now you and ___ can settle down and
  11. There's the call of a new battle. How do you react?

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