How Well Do You Know Wings of Fire?

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Are you a Wings of Fire fan? Do you think you're an expert on the books? Do you know about Quibli, Crocodile, Darkstalker, Anemone, And them? Test your knowledge here.

So yeah, I own every book in the series and have read each one several times. My favorite tribe are the IceWings. Please comment your favorite one in the comments!

Created by: SilverFangRules
  1. What was the name of the animus SeaWing who went crazy and tried to murder his family? (Sorry if they're spelled wrong)
  2. Who is the only surviving Talons of Peace dragonet guardian?
  3. How did Blaze die?
  4. Who was the NightWing Queen? (Before Queen Glory)
  5. During the war, which SandWing princess had the SeaWings on her side?
  6. How does a NightWing get their powers?
  7. Which false dragonet died in the lava?
  8. Who is the only dragonet who hasn't met either of his/her parents yet?
  9. How many dragonets encountered both parents?
  10. How many siblings does Tsunami have?
  11. In which book was Darkstalker first mentioned?
  12. How old is Onyx?
  13. How many dragons are there on the Jacket Art of Moon Rising?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Wings of Fire?