Wings Of Fire: What Tribe Are You?

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Hello! In this quiz, you will answer a series of random questions. I will predict your Wings Of Fire tribe :3! Thank you for playing and have fun! Also, remember it’s just a quiz and if you don’t like what you get, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I personally am a HUGE fan of Wings Of Fire, and can’t WAIT until The Hive Queen (Book #12) comes out! Also am excited for the second graphic novel (and seeing little Auklet!) and The Poison Jungle (Book #13). Enjoy :3!

Created by: Kathy
  1. Pick a number.
  2. Pick an animal.
  3. Pick a random item.
  4. Pick an Uno Card.
  5. Pick a flower.
  6. Pick an electronic.
  7. Pick a sport.
  8. Make a meal.
  9. Pick a school subject.
  10. Pick a year from the last twenty years.
  11. Pick a letter.
  12. Pick a dessert.
  13. Pick a holiday.
  14. Pick a month.
  15. Pick an emoticon.

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Quiz topic: Wings Of Fire: What Tribe am I?