what Wings of Fire tribe are you from

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this quiz is for people who want to know what Wings of Fire tribe they belong to and also for those Wings of Fire fans like me. There is the SeaWing tribe, NightWing tribe, RainWing tribe, SandWing tribe, SkyWing tribe and the IceWing tribe

Please like because this is my first ever quiz and I sort of got the idea when I went through it a few times. So, yeah, please enjoy it even if you don't like it.

Created by: wings of fire fan
  1. what's your favourite color?
  2. what's your favourite food?
  3. who's your favourite Wings of Fire character from the first series?
  4. who's your favourite Wings of Fire character in the second series?
  5. what power is best?
  6. where would you live?
  7. what would your name be?
  8. are you male or female?
  9. if someone was bullying your friends what would you do?
  10. if you were a dragon from one of the tribes and you had a crush on a dragon from a different tribe what would you do?

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Quiz topic: What Wings of Fire tribe am I from