Do you know much about Wings of Fire?!

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When there are seven dragon tribes raging... five dragons from a prophecy has to fulfill there destiny... Who will get the power of "Wings of Fire"?

If you've read books 1-6, then take this quiz! Let's see how much you know about Wings of Fire! If you don't know much, you can go on the Wings of Fire wiki!

Created by: WOF
  1. (Be aware that this quiz has the whole first series) Why did Scarlet imprison capture Kesrel?
  2. Why did Blister tell Queen Coral to imprison the dragonets (including Tsunami)?
  3. Who was kidnapping the RainWings?
  4. Who was in love with Starflight in the Night Kingdom?
  5. How did Sunny escape Preyhunter, Strongwings, and Fierceteeth? (After seeing that Starflight was hurt)
  6. Where did Morrowseer take Starflight after rescuing him?
  7. Who hatched in Part Three: Out of the egg?
  8. Why was Glory kidnapped?
  9. Why was Starflight taken to the Night Kingdom?
  10. Who was Sunny's mother and father?
  11. Who was Moonwatcher's clawmate?

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Quiz topic: Do I know much about Wings of Fire?!