will you survive the zombie

ZOMBIES. they are coming are you ready?? what weapons will you use??? how will you use them??? and most important how long will you survive the zombie attack?

what do you know about zombie survival???? take this quiz and find out!!! just twelve easy questions!!!! and then you are done so TAKE IT!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Created by: Travis

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  1. what is your choice of weapon?
  2. where will you set up a safe house?
  3. your lost in the woods do you know how to survive for up too a week?
  4. do you have any hand on hand fight experience?
  5. how many people would you travel with?
  6. What kind of people would you travel with
  7. you are being chased by a HUGE group of zombies what do you do?
  8. you find a super store what supplies do you get? (in order of importance)
  9. what type of car would drive
  10. how often do you workout?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie