Will You Survive In A Horror Movie ?

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Which are you Are you the type to run away Or Are you yhe type to fight until the end Or You sit and watch and do nothing Come find out if you dare

This is 100% true trust me xD you will find out what and who you are hahah

Created by: EmmetteSmith

  1. If you hear a strange noise in your house would you ?
  2. When someone calls you from a block number would you ?
  3. When a person tries to kill you or your best friend and your friend trips what would you do ?
  4. If you and the killer face to face would you ?
  5. When your lost in the woods would you?
  6. If you see a person about to be killed by a killer you would ?
  7. If you hear a scream while walking would you?
  8. If your mom says go to the store at night would you ?
  9. If see a girl walking in the woods at night you would ?
  10. I like carrots ;]

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive In A Horror Movie ?