Will you raise your kid well?

did you always wanted to know if you are good enough to raise your son? Be a goood father/mother and raise them all well hi hi do it good! do it bad?

Are you ready to raise a son?? Chek it HERE!So where are you waiting for? chek IT! Now Please Do it hihi Its also funny so try it please I have a good score

Created by: Philippe

  1. Your kid has been born and its a boy How would you call him?
  2. Your kid is 4years old and he will go to his first school. what would be the proper school?
  3. your kid is 12years old and he's going to high school. Would you bring him or let him go alone to school
  4. Your kid is 15 and he loves a game but you say he may not buy it cause its 18+. He takes your credit card and pays with it. What would you do?
  5. your kid is 16years and goes on his first date. what will you do?
  6. Your kid is still 16 years old and he wants to learn how to drive. What do you do?
  7. Your child is 18 years and he has successfully managed to finish school hes going to the university and he doesnt have job,money and room(house) for the university. what do you do?
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Quiz topic: Will I raise my kid well?