What is your IQ?

Want to know your IQ? Here's your chance! 11 random questions that test your brain. Some are extremely simple and some are just easy. Some are medium. Some are also just a little bit hard, and some are pretty difficult. It's up to your brain to decide that.

When you finish the quiz, you'll have your IQ (in percentage) right in front of you. If it's bad, go and try to help yourself be able to raise it. If not, congratulations! Now, enjoy the IQ quiz.

Created by: Kyle
  1. What is the square number of 121?
  2. One orange costs $1.95. A boy needs to buy 10 oranges, but he only has $19.00. Does he have enough to buy 10 oranges? And if he does, will he get change and if yes, how much?
  3. Who is a pugilist?
  4. What is the difference between the words "cosmogony" and "gnosis" and how are they related?
  5. "Epilepsy" is a disease which produces the loss of which three things?
  6. What is a synonym of martyrdom?
  7. What is the difference between homicide and suicide?
  8. In relation to question #7: Which of the words "homicide" and "suicide" is a synonym to the word "murder"? And how are they related?
  9. What is 95256 squared?
  10. What are the names of all nine planets, in order, and not including the Sun?
  11. How many moons do Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus have together? (Include sum and product)

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