Will you marry an Nba player

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Hi I’m glad you tooked my quiz don’t get sad about this it’s just for fun take it again if you liked it try again just have fun I liked how it turned out actually I’m doing it too..

I’m tryna entertain you guys don’t get mad I just wanted to try something new you can make your quiz I like to inspire people this quiz wasn’t that long maybe like 5 minutes 🤣

Created by: Genli318

  1. Do you have a friend or relative that is a Nba Player
  2. Do you like the Nba
  3. Do you attend basketball 🏀 games
  4. Based on this quiz what do you think you will get
  5. You were asked to have a competition with people going to the nba what will you say
  6. do you like this quiz so far
  7. What best explains your personality
  8. Do you really want an Nba player husband
  9. Do you know nba player sons or watch it a lot or attend the games alot
  10. Last question what’s your favorite color

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Quiz topic: Will I marry an Nba player