How Far Will You Make it in your Basketball Career.

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Will You Be An NBA Player Take this quiz and you’ll find out The Quiz Will Ask About How You Are As a Basketball Player And a Person Well See What You Get

You’ll be asked 16 Questions And I Hope It Is Good And I Hope You Like The Quiz And If You Don’t Like The Quiz Don’t Hate On Me I Tried And This Is The First Quiz Ive Made

Created by: Bryant Ray

  1. How Good Is Your 3pt Shot (A Is Best F is Worst)
  2. How Good Is your Free Throw Shot
  3. How Much Do You Hustle
  4. Where Are You On The last play of the Game
  5. What Role Do You Have On Your Team
  6. How Good Do You think Ben Simmons Is
  7. What Sports Do You Play
  8. How Much Effort Do You Put in a game
  9. How Much Do You Know About Basketball
  10. What Are Your Grades
  11. How Old Are You
  12. Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Make it to the nba
  13. What Would You Want To Do In the nighttime
  14. If Your Coach Yelled At You During A Game How Would You React
  15. If A Fan Yelled At You What Would You Do
  16. Is Basketball your Favorite Sport

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Quiz topic: How Far will I Make it in my Basketball Career.