Will you like the book I'm writing?

Okay, we'll, I gotta write this fast cuz I wanna keep working on my book, but, so yea, I hope you like this quiz! Oh, and no mean comments! Some jerk wad posted

A nasty comment on a quiz I made, and I'm really mad about it, especially cuz I don't have an account to tell them off! Though I won't sink to their level, or at least, I'll try!

Created by: emily

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  1. First off, it's KIND OF got mushy stuff, but I'm not quite sure how much because I'm still only on the beginning chapters
  2. It's got lots of volcano stuff in it. (It's in my science unit in school, that's how I got inspired to write it)
  3. There's gonna be some, like, pain; I think, I'm not sure yet
  4. I want my book to have some GIRL POWER!
  5. I want my book to also show you can anything you put you're mind to.
  6. Should the girl have some sort of flash backs or dreams?
  7. I'm thinking of having one male character make a sexist comment involving "women's work", should I have a female character punch him?
  8. I'm gonna finish off this quiz so I can work on my book.
  9. Quick question, should she have some sort of romantic ish date with her big crush, even though the world is practically ending?
  10. That last question had no effect, I'm sorry for forgetting to tell you

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Quiz topic: Will I like the book I'm writing?