I am writing a story

Well, I was thinking of writing a book. So, I wanted to see what ya'll think of it. Leave your suggestions, ratings, thoughts, and others in the comments. Have a good day, bye!

Let me know what you think! I don't know whatelse to write so... OOF! I like icecream and cookies and potatoes. GO FRENCH FRIES!!! YEET! Dab with me ya peoples! Dab!

Created by: Agentj

  1. Hi guys or gals or whatever, I'm writing a story.
  2. So tell me what yiu think about ut in the comments!
  3. It's about a girl in college...
  4. This is a romance fyi, so all you haters leave now!
  5. She is living the perfect life with a lovely boyfriend..
  6. Then she catches him cheating on her... WITH HER BESTFRIEND
  7. The next week they all graduate from college
  8. For a few months she lives in peace, gets a new boyfriend...
  9. But then her ex comes back and causes trouble...
  10. Then...
  11. Hah, you really thought I was gonna spoil the ending!
  12. So tell me on a scale of 1-5 how much you like it!
  13. Leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comments, thx

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